Huile de CBD et Capsules d'Endoca

Les produits au CBD d’Endoca. Un délicieux chewing-gum au CBD, de l’huile de CBD, des capsules de CBD ou de la pâte de CBD. Quoi que vous cherchiez, nous proposons une gamme très large de produits au CBD de la marque Endoca. Tous ces produits au CBD sont testés rigoureusement et sont produits de manière biologique et durable.

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A Proud Family Company

Endoca - a small, Danish family business - is known for its pride, quality and transparency about their CBD products. Since the very beginning of CBD oil Endoca has been involved. They were part of the entire CBD (oil) revolution and continuously innovated. Time and again, new discoveries, product improvements and especially expansions.

Endoca: CBD Oil, CBD Paste, CBD Capsules and Much More ... 

Nowadays, Endoca's product range is no longer CBD oil alone. They offer much more than that; special products other CBD suppliers don't offer. For example, you will see the following products in their product assortment: 

  • CBD oil 
  • CBD paste
  • CBD crystals 
  • CBD lip balm 
  • CBD capsules 
  • CBD chewing gum 
  • CBD suppositories 

100% Sustainable

Endoca stands for sustainability. Sustainability permeating all of their business. You can be sure all their CBD products are produced in a completely sustainable way. From planting the hemp seeds, to the packaging of the CBD products. Endoca adheres to its sustainability principles. That is their strength. Hemp plants are being harvested and taken care of in a 100% organic way. No intervention of unnatural chemicals. Only water and sunlight are added during the production process.

Reliability and Quality

Besides, Endoca attaches great value to the reliability and quality of its products. The saying: 'trust is good, but control is better', also applies in this situation. Endoca therefore regularly has its products tested by third party laboratories. The results of these tests are available to (future) customers. This make it possible everyone can exactly see what ingredients are being used in the CBD oil, for example. As such, there is never a single doubt with Endoca whether their CBD oil contains what is mentioned on the label.


In addition to the transparency of Endoca's CBD products, Endoca is also...

  • HACCP certified, so their hemp takes advantage of the highest industrial quality possible. 
  • GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices). This certification is a quality assurance system, which guarantees the quality and composition of the products.

Pure CBD with a high CBD content

Besides premium quality, the CBD label Endoca also stands out because of another advantage: CBD products with a high CBD percentage. For example, Endoca - as one of the few suppliers - provides CBD with as much as 30% CBD. That equals approximately 3000 mg (!). Or what about CBD capsules with 15% CBD? Endoca has it available! Of course, in addition to high CBD percentages, Endoca also offers oils with lower percentages, such as CBD oil with 3% CBD. 

Try out Endoca? Check out our product range! 

You would like trying out CBD capsules, CBD oil, CBD paste, or maybe CBD chewing gum from Endoca? View our product assortment for a complete overview of the best Endoca products. You have any questions? Let us know and contact our customer service! They are very happy to help you out. Send a WhatsApp message and receive an answer within two hours. Or, simply call, they will answer you right away.


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